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At home

You see how I live at home.

At our summer cottege with Akira 1993


At the summer cottege 1994

I was making a sculpture, others spend time by beach.


Our living room changed into my studio some times. 1998


I am making our kitchen renew. 2000


Resting with Anni 2002


In the living room 2007


A Christmas photo shot 2008


We have visitors from Japan. 2017



In our garden

First target near the edge, not to the center, if the wood is very large. 2011


Then lift your ax straight up, not back.


Hit it straight down. Don´t draw a circle.


Another garden work before winter 2020


Our apple tree gives us enough apples. 2022


Our summer paradise 2022


Deers pass through our garden very often from this year, 2021.


Even a moose came up to our garden. 2022



What I eat and drink? My specials

I eat some chocolate every morning and a little in the afternoon and in the evening. It is very dark one, 95% of cocoa. I drink a lot of tea in the morning. I like Sweet Chili of Jogi Tea most. 2022

I eat mush like salad at lunch usually. It´s of fruits and vegetables. 2022

I eat natto and rice often at supper. My stomuch works well, when I eat them. 2023

It´s a bottle of cherry liquor of our own cherrys. My wife made it and I drank it all. 2022


Flowers in the house

My wife takes care of them 2022.

Chaina rose

Flowers by the window of the kitchen


Another orchid


Flowers in The darden

I don´t need to take care of them.. They grow every year by itself. I don´t know their names much.

Apple flowers 2022


Alpine roses 2022


Iris 2022



Finnish mid summer rose 2022










Cherries 2022




Siren 2022


Rose Hansa 2022









Hails at midsummer 2022


I saw a light pole over the chirch of Mynämäki. I had to put this photo somewhere. 2022


My wife bought some potted flowres to the terrace 2022.

I don´t know their names at all.


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