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Contact to the artist

Goro Shintami
Ruotinmaentie 19, 23100 Mynamaki FINLAND
Phone: +358-503526367
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Career of the Artist
Born in Japan 1954, living in Finland since 1984
Suidobata Fine Art Academy, Tokyo 1973-75
Nihon University, College of Art, Tokyo 1975-79
3 years studytrips in Israel, Eurooppa ja U.S.A 1981-84
1. prize, Annual Art Exhibition of Niigata, Japan 1978
1. prize, Competition of Small Sculptures, Finland 1995
1. prize, Competition of Small Sculptures, Finland 1997
2. prize, Competition of Small Sculptures, Finland 1998
Exhibitions Alone  
Culture Center of Turku, Finland 1987
Joella Gallery, Turku, Finland 1990
Space Gallery, Helsinki 1990
Art Amy Gallery, Vaasa, Finland 1990
University of Jyvaskyla, Finland 1991
Art Museum of Keuruu, Finland 1992
Art Center Maltinranta, Tampere, Finland 1992
Art Museum of Yrjo Liipola , Koski. TL, Finland 1993
Art Gallery of Emil Cedercreuts Museum , Harjavalta, Finland 1993
Migrant Institution, Turku, Finland 1994
Katariina Gallery, Turku, Finland 1994
Tullikamari of Tampere, Tampere, Finland 1995
Library of Vehmaa, Finland 1999
Gallery of Old Raatihuone, Turku Culture Center, Finland 2004
Bank of Mynamaki op, Finland 2005
Villa Matilda, Sauvamaki, Finland 2012
Exhibitions with Others
Valomo Gallery, Kokemaki, Finland 2005
Pyynpivo Art House, Pernio, Finland 2006
Rautila Center, Vehmaa, Finland 2010
Gallery Levola, Pernio, Finland 2013